Tuesday 31 October 2017

Autumn leaves and winter containers

As the clocks go back and the dark evenings draw in, there’s plenty to be done in the garden. Quite apart from what to do with the beds and borders now their summer splendour is well and truly behind them (cut down perennials for a tidy look, or leave them for winter interest?), unless you’re particularly fortunate, there are several weeks of leaf wrangling to be got through.

Here’s a post a I wrote in 2011 with some practical advice on harvesting leaves to use as a soil conditioner for your garden (an old blog post but still relevant, with the exception of the sniffy comment about electric leaf blowers, which in their cordless incarnation have now surpassed their petrol equivalent in terms of usefulness and eco credentials. Though a rake is still better!).

But it’s also prime time for refreshing container displays, removing tired summer bedding plants and replacing them with colourful evergreens and berries that will keep your pots looking fresh and cheerful throughout the darker winter months. There’s still time to get hold of suitable plants in the nurseries and garden centres right now, but best to be quick about it!