Thursday, 17 March 2011

A time to sow

It’s spring. That time of year when we never seem to have enough working space, and the areas that have been dedicated to wood-working tasks over the winter months need to be reclaimed for managing the garden. Every year, I resolve to be better prepared for this change in seasons. This year – inevitably – I’m sowing seeds on a bench amidst wood shavings and the sweet smell of softwood sawdust. Well, there’s always next year.

And so the garden shed, and not a little part of the house, is in now in full production mode. Seed packets and chitting potatoes everywhere; friends invited round on the pretext of dinner, finding themselves press-ganged into making paper seedling pots from strips of old newspaper. I’m pretty sure they don’t mind being caught up in our enthusiasm – there’s so much to look forward to. Having spent the whole winter browsing seed catalogues, now – at last! — we get to start into life those plants we've spent the dark, cold days dreaming of. Now, just a tiny seed, a bit of compost, and some water. In a few weeks time, a garden full of flowers, and fruit and vegetables...It’s plant magic, and it never fails to capture me with its wonder.